Welcome to TipsyVerse's official documentation and help resource.

What is TipsyVerse?

TipsyVerse is a Play & Earn metaverse game where players craft their own adventure.
In a world where fantasy meets science fiction, players carve their own unique path based on the activities they choose to participate in.
For some, it might be answering the call to arms to protect TipsyVerse from dark forces, while for others it might be participating in competitive events; or utilising land to carry out commercial trade.
In-game assets are NFTs that are stored in the blockchain, which enables players full ownership and control over the assets they accumulate.

Development Plans

TipsyVerse 1.0 will be launching on Minecraft in Q3 2022.
TipsyVerse 2.0 will be developed on Unreal Engine 5 with VR compatibility for a truly immersive experience.
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